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I specialise in the application of IT to analyse the use and conception of space and movement in antiquity. I was formerly Senior IT Development Officer at Oxford Archaeology where I worked on methodologies to map maritime heritage amongst other projects. I was a founder of the Antiquist IT & Cultural Heritage community and the InterFace Technology & Humanities symposia, and I  have organised various workshops and events including the Methods Network symposium ‘Space & Time: Methods in Geospatial Computing for Mapping the Past‘. I am currently Co-I on the Google Ancient Places (GAP) and PELAGIOS projects and lead the NeDiMAH working group on Spatio-temporal modelling. I have a degree in Philosophy, an MSc in Archaeological Computing and I am currently completing a Computer Science PhD using Semantic Web technologies to integrate information across multiple excavation data repositories on the Roman Port Networks Project. In my spare time I am also rather passionate about Ptolemy’s Geography.

You can find my full CV here.




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