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For a very long time indeed I’ve meaning to post about a little hobby I have, toying around with Ptolemy’s Geography. Somehow or other I never quite managed to pin down enough time to marshall my thoughts together. Finally I took the plunge and threw in an abstract for the DigiClas Work in Progress Seminar and you can see and hear the results here and here.

I’m planning to write a paper on it, but until now my activity has essentially been driven by sheer enthusiasm for the subject. I hope you find it as fascinating a topic as I have and naturally I’d be delighted to receive feedback in any shape or form.

Ptolemy’s World map (Nicholas Germanus, 1482)

Boundaries and settlement clusters in Ptolemy’s World Map reconstructed in a GIS and overlaid with parallels of Longest Day (not latitude). The regions to the NW conform to these parallels which may reflect origins in the geographic texts of Marinos of Tyre. If so, the South-easterly areas which do not conform to them may be later inclusions.


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