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Things have been trotting along at their usual merry pace down here in Southampton but the big news is that we’ve recently released the First Call for Papers for the forthcoming InterFace 2009 Symposium. The symposium, which is bringing researchers from the technology and humanities disciplines together, has been a long time in the coming: it all started with a presentation that led on to a watercooler chat, which turned into an open meeting followed by a pub conversation leading to a cautious mooting of ideas and ultimately a funding bid. Six months later, courtesy of Roberts Funding, we got some seed money to get the thing off the ground. Frankly, it’s been tugging us like a fighter kite ever since.

We’ve been very fortunate in getting some seriously heavyweight speakers, but more importantly we’re hoping to see this as a two-way street. There is important work going on in both fields which can illuminate and inspire the other. For me, the crux of the whole event will be the sessions which bring people and ideas together – speed-dating, posters and lightning talks. I’m a big enthusiast of BarCamps (and in particular, Antiquist‘s very own ArchCamp) but here we’re trying something slightly more formalised and hi-octane. With luck, there’ll be enough happening in two days to keep people reflecting on it for months afterwards.

Please consider submitting something and if you’re in a Humanities or Computing department, pass the word on!


First Call for Papers

InterFace 2009:
1st National Symposium for Humanities and Technology

9-10 July, University of Southampton, UK.

InterFace is a new type of annual event. Part conference, part
workshop, part networking opportunity, it will bring together
postdocs, early career academics and postgraduate researchers from the
fields of Information Technology and the Humanities in order to foster
cutting-edge collaboration. As well as having a focus on Digital
Humanities, it will also be an important forum for Humanities
contributions to Computer Science. The event will furthermore provide
a permanent web presence for communication between delegates both
during, and following, the conference.

Delegate numbers are limited to 80 (half representing each sector) and
all participants will be expected to present a poster or a ‘lightning
talk’ (a two minute presentation) as a stimulus for discussion and
networking sessions.  Delegates can also expect to receive
illuminating keynote talks from world-leading experts, presentations
on successful interdisciplinary projects, ‘Insider’s Guides’ and
workshops. The registration fee for the two-day event is £30. For a
full overview of the event, please visit the website.

Paper Submissions:

If you are interested in attending, please submit an original paper,
of 1500 words or less, describing an idea or concept you wish to
present. Please indicate whether you would prefer to produce a poster
or perform a 2-minute lightning talk. Papers must be produced as a PDF
or in Microsoft Word (.doc) format and submitted through our EasyChair

– Register for an easy chair account:
– Log in:
– Click New Submission at the top of the page and fill in the form.

Make sure you:
– Select your preference of lightning talk or poster.
– Select whether you are representing humanities or technology.
– Attach and upload your paper.

If you encounter any problems, please e-mail

A number of travel bursaries may be available to successful applicants
– if you would like to be considered for one, please email and provide grounds for consideration.

Papers should focus on potential (and realistic) areas for
collaboration between the Technology and Humanities Sectors, either by
addressing particular problems, new developments, or both. Prior work
may be presented where relevant but the nature of the paper must be
forward-looking. As such, the scope is extremely broad but topics
might include:

* 3D immersive environments
* Pervasive technologies
* Online collaboration
* Natural language processing
* Sensor networks
* The Semantic Web
* Agent based modelling
* Web Science

* Spatial cognition
* Text editing and analysis
* New Media
* Linguistics
* Applied sociodynamics & social network analysis
* Archaeological reconstruction
* Information Ethics
* Dynamic logics
* Electronic corpora

Due to the limited number of places, papers will be subject to review
by committee in order to maintain quality and a balanced programme.
Applicants will be notified by email as to their acceptance. Accepted
papers will be published online one week in advance of the conference.

Important Dates:

* Paper Submission Deadline: 1 May 2009
* Acceptances Announced: 18 May 2009
* Conference: 9th-10th July 2009

Confirmed Speakers

* Dame Wendy Hall, University of Southampton,
President of the Association of Computing Machinery

Insider’s Guides:
* Stephen Brown, De Montfort University
Knowledge Media Design
* Ed Parsons
Geospatial Technologist, Google
* Sarah Porter
Head of Innovation, JISC

Project Showcase:
* Mary Orr & Mark Weal, University of Southampton
Digital Flaubert
* Adrian Bell, University of Reading
The Soldier in Later Medieval England
* Kathy Buckner, Napier University

1) Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
Arianna Ciula (old webpage), European Science Foundation & Sebastian Rahtz, Oxford University
2) Visualisation
Facilitator TBC
3) Data Management
Facilitator TBC
4) New Media
Claire Ainsworth & John Copley, University of Southampton

For further information, please visit the conference website
( or e-mail


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