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I’ve just sent off the text for a keynote I’m giving at an Athens conference hosted by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture on “Digital Heritage in the new knowledge environment”. The paper is entitled ‘Pandora’s Box: the Future of Cultural Heritage on the World Wide Web’ and for anyone who can’t make it I’ve uploaded a copy here.

In a nutshell, I argue that our current pussy-footing around in the heritage sector when it comes web dissemination is ultimately self defeating: culture carries on regardless, with or without us. Fears about plagiarism, misinformation, general idiocy, etc. etc. etc. have been levelled at every other medium out there pretty much since the dawn of history (and remember how everyone thought people would use MySpace and Facebook to lie about themselves? Now we worry that people are telling each other too much…) There’s a little bit about the SemWeb too, but the session is on Web 2.0 so I’ve limited that to a single point about URIs.

In the spirit of keynotes, I’ve tried to be a little provocative without going outside the bounds of what I actually believe. I only hope I’m not opening Pandora’s…well, you know what I mean 😀


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