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I was at the CAA conference/ArchCamp 4 in York last week and, as ever, my tardiness in reporting has been shown up by masterblogger Jo and wikiwunderkind Kayt. There was some nice stuff as ever although admittedly much of it was incremental rather than revolutionary. It was mainly a great opportunity to see where everyone’s at these days. I particularly liked Chris Green‘s work on a temporal GIS – it gives you a variety of options for showing the likelihood of elements occuring within a given timeframe – so I’m keen to try it out when he makes the code available.

The paper I gave was pretty well received so the main reason for this post is to upload an older version of it that I gave at the Methods Network Workshop on Geospatial Computing last year. There’s a bit more gubbins in this about Ptolemy’s Geography which is increasingly becoming a personal obsession of mine, but from about halfway through it more or less follows the same track as the CAA paper. I should add that I’ve changed my views on a couple of things since then – I wouldn’t include ‘imprecision’ as one of the facets as all maps are imprecise to some degree; I might include ‘Oriented & Non-Oriented’ as new facet – but I think it still makes an interesting discussion piece. My biggest concern with it is that I don’t have enough knowledge of GI Science to know whether this kind of thing has all been done before, so any feedback, positive or negative is greatly welcome.

Ptolemy’s Error: Truths and falsehoods in heterogeneous spatial data

Ptolemy’s Error Powerpoint


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