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Well, after two and a half thoroughly enjoyable years at Oxford Archaeology, I’m finally hanging up my hard-hat 😉 and heading off for pastures new. In fact I’m reascending the ivory tower to do a PhD at Southampton University’s School of Electronics and Computer Sciences on ‘Semantic Web methods for the integration of heterogeneous archaeological datasets’ which is going to be cool. The datasets in question are excavations from Roman ports around the Western Mediterranean – Italy, France, Spain, North Africa. That’s going to be cool too. The output will hopefully be some new insights into Roman maritime trade. And that’s going to be really really cool. So on the whole I’m a pretty happy bunny.

On the other hand it also leaves vacant my position at Oxford Archaeology – which is about as good a job as you can get that doesn’t involve swanning around international holiday destinations with a laptop (come to think of it, it involves some of that too 😉 ). It’s currently a bit of a mish-mash of software development, spatial tech and profile-raising/conferencing although there’s the flexibility to play to the job-holder’s strengths. An interest in all things ‘Open‘ is, let’s face it, going to go down well with the boss. Most importantly, it requires a lot of interfacing between archaeologists and IT folks so a good understanding of both cultures is vital. We’re likley to be taking on someone soon (August/September) so if you’re interested in applying (or know someone who would be) then drop me or Chris Puttick a line.

Mapping The Past

I’m currently organising a symposium at the National E-Science Centre with Stuart Dunn entitled Space/Time: Methods in Geospatial Computing for Mapping the Past. As something of a forerunner to it there’s an online interview with Stuart and I over at Digital Arts and Humanities where we get to ramble on/sling mud/character assassinate/etc.

It’s quite good fun.


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  1. I know some great guys in ECS. Look up Chris Gutteridge as soon as you get there- the man is a bonafide genius, and works in kinda this area.

    I’d be happy to take the pair of you for a pint and make introductions…..

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