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One of the remarkable things about the emergent Mashup Culture is that you never quite know when you’re going to find yourself repurposed. Whilst doing a little a blog admin this evening (OK, I admit it, I wanted to check my stats) I was intrigued to note that my last post had been linked to by

Now, seeing as my entire pet inventory runs to two dead cats (and an affection for a little further investigation seemed in order. Much to my bewilderment, there on the petcommunity newsfeed was a snippet of my post nestled between other feeds, either mourning the untimely demise of ‘Snuggles’ and asking about “good value gerbil insurance”, or informing readers of new fish in stock at Skipton Pet Centre (better than old fish in the skip at Stockton Pet Centre, I guess), or headlining with – the rather alarmist – “Trouble in Puppy Paradise”. It was only after starting to read about one unfortunate young lady’s troubles in coming out to the lesbian community that I began to realise that both us seemed to be attending the wrong party (as it were). In fact it appears that we had been aggregated on the basis of our posts containing the word ‘pet’ (as in ‘pet projects’) and ‘community’ (as in ‘community driven’).

So there you go, folks. Be careful what you post about because you might just wind up there. Or thereabouts. Right, I’m off to buy some gerbil insurance.

PS If you’ve turned up hoping for something interesting/relevant to read then I can do no better than redirect you to Mia’s latest post.


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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