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Finally(!) got Crossbones washed, brushed, dressed and in a state worthy of meeting the general public (I hope). As ever, the 20/80 rule applies, and suddenly I realised there was a whole bunch of manual writing (now in README.TXT), licensing (ditto) and general other gubbins (ditto again) to sort out, as well as making sure that the thing would actually run on linux OK, open in AutoCAD properly (without busting it in ArcScene), and so on, and so on. I’m too much of a coding purist to stick it on SF without sorting out the javadocing (yeah, I know I should do it while I’m coding) – and unit tests? let’s not even go there…

Still, it’s fun to sling stuff over the wall now and again. Let’s see what the lions make of it . 😉

Moleskine is In

My current geeky pride and joy is my oh-so-analog Moleskine diary which I picked up for a song (a mere £10!) at Blackwells a couple of weeks back. I was first put onto them by Jo, who got one for her hipster PDA. I’d printed out myself a hipster a while back but the bulldog clip was beginning to etch a tattoo in my ass so an alternative binding method seemed called for. Well, the long and short of it is that my hipster now lurks in the special magic-pockety bit at the back, whereas the first 3 pages (covering January to June in itty-bitty 1-line-per-day mode) have now become The Three Most Important Pages In My Life. I’m still experimenting with the rest as a kind of to-do-list-cum-general-ponderances but haven’t quite settled on a proper methodology yet. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that whilst brandishing it at ArchCamp 2 in a ‘check-out-my-sexy-new-Moleskine-diary’ sort of a way, it turned out that pretty much everyone else already had one (apart from Jo who has 3). So there you go. Moleskine appears to be In.



  1. Congratulations on Crossbones Leif, it is a really great idea and it was so much fun to see it in all it’s 3D glory at ArchCamp.

    Good luck also with your continuing voyage of discovery into the world of moleskines. I think ArchCamp proved that all the best geeks are going analogue…

  2. its interesting how we use a mix of analogue and digital technology rather than purely digital.

    my moleskine is organised thus (i use a search engine called ‘looking’ to find what i want):
    subway map,
    post-it with dan’s mobile,
    used canadian stamps,
    diary – a line a day,

    list of songs for wedding,
    interesting words,
    bright ideas,
    things seen on Brooklyn walks,
    New Jersey train map and times of trains to Manasquan,
    sketches of timber frame joints,
    to go see Maine,
    kokushi jujitsu lesson timetable,
    to look up,
    photos not taken,
    post-it map to your place,
    addresses with UK/US stamps interspersed,
    money out,
    to read,
    random useful addresses,
    to attend,
    to see,
    to listen,
    to go,
    printout of 45’s my dad wants,
    phone nos,
    ‘coal porter’ beer label,
    recipts in pocket.

  3. Sounds like valuable advice. BTW, I know a guy who makes 3D virtual reconstructions of timber frame joints. Maybe I shld put you two weirdos in touch… 🙂

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