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Regular readers of this blog (yes, that means you, Christian) will no doubt be aware that I’ve been slacking of late. In fact, with just a single post to date, even a seemingly innocuous phrase like ‘regular reader’ could get us into all sorts of ontological difficuties. So what’s been going on? Well, all sorts of stuff.

To kick off with, the whole UK IT/archaeology community seems intent on forging a Faustian pact at the etymologically-kosher but phonetically-dubious There’s been quite a bit of activity on the discussion list and talk of starting a collaborative project to store and disseminate archaeological data openly. It’s yet to be seen whether we can really get the ball rolling, but the willingness seems to be there which is, if nothing else, a good deal further onward then we were at the start of last week. Best of all, we’ve got a couple of BarCamps lined up to try and encourage more regular interaction. Sometimes it’s great to be a geek 🙂

Next up is a new Theory Group on Mapping the Past that I’m setting up with Stuart Dunn of Methods Network. We’re planning for it to lead to a couple of colloquia and maybe a publication, but for now, you’ll find the bare bones of a discussion here.

That, btw, is a spin off of the OSGeo Archaeology SIG, an all-new community pushing for Open geospatial software, standards and data within archaeology under the aegis of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). We’re also setting up a UK Chapter.

And, finally, for those of you less interested in my virtual shenanigans and rather more curious about my real ones, the biggest news is that I’ve moved to a lovely new house with some lovely new housemates. No pictures yet, but words like ‘fireplaces’, ‘conservatory’, ‘floorboards’, ‘window seat’, and ‘en-suite bathroom’ will rather handily conceal the fact that I don’t yet have a desk, chest of drawers, or enough bookshelves. Still, if you’re going to slum it, slum it in style.


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